Plant Yourself firmly in what has always worked

Build an Unshakeable Business in Any Economy

June 17 -19, 2020


“You need to pivot.”

“You need to adjust.”

“There’s a new normal and you better be ready for it.”

Underneath it all, there’s a single deflating, depressing message: “You need to fix you.”

But wasn’t being an entrepreneur about not doing what everyone else does? About being able to plot your own course and achieve against any odds? In any environment? In the face of any conditions?  Whenever you want?

What would it be like to have a road map that made this possible? Strategies to six, multiple six and even seven-figures that help you take the driver’s seat of your own business success?

And not at some tentative future date when everything has calmed down, when you’ve ‘adjusted’ and ‘pivoted’- but NOW!

There’s an innovative, one-of-a-kind event that can get you started! An event that not only sets a new standard for virtual events in the future…

But reveals the keys to forge business success in any situation, in any climate, in any crisis.

Right now, right after, and forever.


It’s the event you’ve been hoping for at the time you need it most. You can create the success you thought you had to wait for. When you attend, you’ll receive the PROVEN MASTER PATH to create scalable six-figure success (and beyond!) no matter what’s going on the world.

Because right now you need a strategy that won’t:

The FACT is: Things are always changing and you need a path to consistent predictable results.

And DRIVEN THE EVENT has been designed to help you experience what successful entrepreneurs know:


IT’S A LIVE, SENSORY, INTERACTIVE, BINGE-WORTHY EXPERIENCE, filled with value, impact, surprises, innovations, celebrities, and magic moments people will be talking about for years.

It will set the standard for how virtual events will be done in the future.

It’s designed to inspire you to grow your business and reveal how much is possible when you REFUSE to allow the world’s conditions dictate your success.

It focuses on real, dependable strategies that deliver consistent profits in any climate.

And fosters a powerful sense of togetherness and connection that will fuel your conviction to achieve huge results with your business NOW.  Not later, NOW.

About Suzanne

Join your event host SUZANNE EVANS for a powerful broadcast experience that will set the standard for virtual events for years to come.

Suzanne Evans is the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. She provides support, consulting, and business development skills to the over 30,000 entrepreneurs enrolled in her wealth and business building programs.

She launched her business in the midst of the 2008 Financial Crisis, and went from secretary to surpass the seven-figure mark in just over 3 years. With an unrivaled track record of supporting her clients to multi 6 & 7 figure success, she knows how to guide you to your own solid revenue gains, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

With the help of her incredible guest speakers, you will leave Driven: The Event with fresh ideas and new directions for your business.


This Year’s Powerhouse Speakers

James Roche

Head Coach & Strategist for DRIVEN INC.

Suzanne Evans


Melinda Cohan

Interface Advantage Systems, Inc

Darin Adams


is not about helping you muddle through. It’s about you coming out of this clearer, stronger, more focused, more strategic AND more profitable.

This isn’t about discovering a ‘new normal’. Because ,yes, everything is different, but nothing has changed in many ways. It’s about discovering that right now, in the midst of everything that’s going on, there has never been a better time to do what you’ve always needed to do, and get what you’ve always wanted to have.

And to support you in creating this true breakthrough, DRIVEN: THE EVENT is packed with powerful content and life-changing “I can do that!” strategies that drive traffic, leads, sales and profits.

Creating An Offer That Sells Itself

Learn how to create a marketing message and design your offer so it’s irresistible to your buyers. (So you don’t have to work so hard to sell them!)

Consistent Monthly Income Strategies

Learn how to get out of the cycle of yo-yo income so you experience consistent, predictable monthly income.

Getting More (And Better!) Leads

Get the inside scoop on the current, hottest ways to get leads. (Spoiler: You’ll learn Suzanne’s top half-dozen low-cost, low-tech lead generation strategies that have already been proven to work over and over again.)

Scaling Your Business

Get out of the entrepreneurial rat race and learn how to build a scalable, leveraged business that’s streamlined and profitable long-term.

Closing More Sales

Learn the easiest way to triple your sales, overcome objections, and feel good about selling.

Big Ideas

Hear the best new ideas you can implement right away. You’ll leave the event feeling clear, confident, and powerful.

Getting More Done With Less Stress

What’s the point making all this money if you can’t enjoy it, right? Learn how to stop spinning your wheels with inefficient actions and learn how the pros hustle while enjoying more free time.

Tools, Tips and Hacks

Get Suzanne’s insider tricks and tactics that can generate more revenue in your business.

Creating Active, Leveraged, And Passive Income Streams

Get more out of what you offer so you can scale your income into multiple 6 figures.

Behind The Scenes Insights

Peek behind the curtain as Suzanne’s team shows what it’s really like building a 7 figure business.


June 17th

10:00AM – 5:00PM ET
7:00AM – 2:00PM PT

General Session

June 18th

10:00AM – 5:00PM ET
7:00AM – 2:00PM PT

General Session

June 19th

10:00AM – 5:00PM ET
7:00AM – 2:00PM PT

General Session

Registration Required - June 16th at 12pm - 6pm EDT

Why invest?

Too many entrepreneurs are headed down the road to more confusion, overwhelm, and struggle. You’re getting mixed messages everywhere you turn.

And without a doubt: The PIVOT IS THE PROBLEM.

Because if you’re on the pivot train, it means that you’ve fallen for propaganda that leads to just another busy distracting tactic, instead of the tried and true strategies that can get you to six figures, multiple six figures or seven figures within the year.

A pivot is just another excuse to delay what you know you need to do, to show up the way you know you want to. And show up in a way that impresses the clients who can’t wait to work with you.

The pivot takes you further from success because you’re always looking for the new tactic that might work… instead of the proven strategies that always work.

Pivoting is a distraction.

Distraction always leads to delay. Instead of discovery.

You don’t need to pivot. You need to produce.

Driven: The Event Is
Just Around The Corner…

So at Driven: The Event:

We’re going to plant ourselves firmly in what has always worked.

So we can build a business that works – now and forever. We’re not going to create “a new you for a new world”. We’re going to help become a better you in THE world. We’re not going to talk about what you have to be in extraordinary times. 

We’re going to tell you what you need to be in ordinary times, because every ordinary moment can be extraordinary.

Because every day you wait, you suffocate your service to others.

If you will stop pivoting and start producing you can build a business that can survive anything.

And if you can build a business that can survive anything, your business is unshakable.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This event is guaranteed to massively support you in growing your business. We are handing you the necessary tools and resources you need to accelerate your business forward. But if after the first day of this event you are not completely satisfied, check into our help desk by 4:30pm ET at the end of the first day and you’ll get a refund on the spot.

I am so confident this is the best virtual event you can attend this year.

Driven is for action-takers committed to implementing proven strategies into their daily workflow – not for the tire-kickers only interested in collecting more information and chasing the latest bright shiny object. I KNOW you are one of those driven, action-takers, and I cannot wait to work with you.

As you see, there is no risk to attend. The only risk in not attending Driven the Event: Home Edition is that in a year you will be in the exact situation you’re in today.

– Suzanne Evans

What Suzanne’s Clients Are Saying

Before working with Suzanne I was earning €12,000/year. I began with Suzanne in 2014... Now in 2020, I'm on track to earn €1,600,000.00

Veronique Prins

“I went from making $333 a month in 2014 to making $8,400 a month now! I would never have gotten there on my own."

Jean Kuhn

“I went from Being 10k in debt to making 10k a month in less than 6 months. And less than a year later I crossed the 100k mark. My life and business have been completely transformed and I feel unstoppable.”

Moira Ní Ghallachóir

“I went from making $2,250 a month in the beginning of 2017 to making more than $15,000 a month now!”

Christina Nicholson

“Coaching with Suzanne is like taking a PhD program in sales and marketing. Prepare to be pushed to your limits and into extraordinary results”

Vee Armour

“Coaching with Suzanne is breakthrough after breakthrough. She was able to quickly analyze my business, find the holes and help me fix them. My business did a complete 180 within a few weeks and profits soared.”

Gary Henderson

“Coaching with Suzanne is like having an insurance policy on your business. No matter what
...things work out!”

Shanda Sumpter

“Coaching with Suzanne is like getting laser advice and a kick in the butt with a lot of love sprinkled in."

Re Perez



For a limited time, you’ll receive these bonuses just for registering!

21 Day Quick Cash Challenge.

The 21 Day Quick Cash Challenge gives you the strategies to implement right now- to see a cash injection into your business.  Each training will walk you through actionable steps that you can take leading up to the event to increase your visibility, accelerate your reach and close the sale each time. ($1k Value)

Business Breakthrough Mastermind (with Coaches!)

No need to wait until the event- meet your personal Driven The Event coach in a small group mastermind setting designed to support you with laser coaching. Come ready to get an actionable plan to support you in overcoming your biggest business obstacle in the moment. This is your opportunity to iron out what’s working (and fix what’s not) before you even walk through the event doors. ($2k Value)


General Admission

(Best Value)
$ 197
  • 21 Day Quick Cash Challenge ($1k Value)
  • Business Breakthrough Mastermind (with Coaches!) ($2k value)

VIP Upgrade

(Best Value)
$ 247
  • 21 Day Quick Cash Challenge ($1k Value)
  • Business Breakthrough Mastermind (with Coaches!) ($2k value)
  • Connect & Convert Mastermind ($1k value)
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions ($197 value)
  • Bedtime Bonus Session ($1k value)

Driven: The Event FAQ's…

If you want to grow your service-based business, Driven the Event is for you.

Driven the Event: Home Edition will take place each day from Wednesday, June 17th to Friday, June 19th, 2020.

Send our team a message at help@driveninc to see if you qualify for a complimentary ticket to Driven the Event: Home Edition.

Your home! This event is entirely online- we’re bringing Driven the Event to you!

These sessions will NOT be recorded for release to the public, so clear your schedule and make it to as many sessions as you can!

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